DeGods FAQ


DeGods is a deflationary collection of degenerates, punks, and misfits. Gods of the metaverse & masters of our own universe. Integrating with Dust Protocol.

Where do I buy DeGods?

You can buy DeGods on either of the three official marketplaces : Magic Eden : https://magiceden.io/marketplace/degods Alpha Art : https://alpha.art/collection/degods Solanart : https://solanart.io/collections/degods Opensea : https://opensea.io/collection/degods

How do I know which De(ad)Gods to buy?

You may utilise a few tools that our team and community have built to find the most optimal/value DeGod to buy. Official Rarity Tool : https://rarity.degods.com/ by 0xChill - Core Team Developer Sniping Tool : https://thethirdweb.io/degods by MartyMcFly - Divine Council

I got my DeGod now, what do I do?

1) Join the community at http://discord.gg/dedao. 2) Verify your DeGod to access DeDAO channels with http://matrica.io. 3) Drown in love from the community and immerse yourself. Link your #NewGod Tweet to http://welcome.degods.com and watch the magic happen.

Where can I stake my DeGods?

You can stake your NFTs 👇🏼 DeGods : https://stake.degods.com/ DeadGods : https://stake.deadgods.com/ DeGods mint the same amount of DUST (2.5 DUST / day), and DeadGods 3X of that (7.5 DUST /day) regardless of rarity. Built by our OG Lead-Developer - Cryptonent

Where can I learn more about DeGods?

DeGods minted on 8th October 2021. It has been a wild ride since. Check out the timeline of DeGods below 👇🏼 https://degods-timeline-2.vercel.app/ by Matt.Sol

Are there any resources to help me navigate DeGods?

https://linktr.ee/degods by @MartyMcFly It is a community-made LinkTree site available to help you access relevant sites more easily.

What are Exiled DeGods?

Exiled DeGods originated from the first 2 presales of DeGods mint where different candy machines were used from the main mint. Due to a bug on Metaplex that did not let the team sign the Candy machine & update the metadata of the first 2500 DeGods, they were not able to join the main collection in the marketplace. The team then reminted all of the 2500 tradable DeGods and sent them to whoever held the original 2500 Exiled.

What is the story behind 33.3%?

Paper Hand Bitch Tax (PHBT) is the origin of 33.3%. Originally made to punish PHBs who sell below mint. The proceeds from the tax would move to a Burn Wallet where it will be unleashed at random intervals to buy and burn DeGods. This is the story of how 535 DeGods have been burnt to $DUST.
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