DeGods FAQ


Here's everything you need to know about DeDAO, the community of verified DeGods where all the crazy, alpha and love is.

Where does DeDAO get its funding from?

The creator fee of 9.99% was broken down into 2 components. 6.66% goes to DeDAO and 3.33% to the Core Team for DeGods and DeadGods sales.
Royalties are at 0% as of 07 October 2022

What does DeDAO do with the funds?

1 ) Acquisition of assets for auctions and raffles for DUST. 2) Expansion plans and funding of community events/assets. 3) Reward community-based talents for work done.

Who are the people responsible for the decisions made by DeDAO?

1) The DAO Leads - The founders of DeDAO and Community Leaders of DeGods 2) The Divine Council - Gods who are voted in by members of DeDAO. They approve proposals from the community and team before allowing the members to vote on it. 3) DeAlpha Team - A team of Alpha Gods who are abreast of the markets and have a proven track record of understanding and sharing consistently good Alpha in DeDAO. The Divine Council and DeAlpha Team work cohesively to decide on DAO acquisitions and other actions relevant to the DAO Funds.

How do I find nearby DeGods for collaborations/meets?

https://www.demap.xyz/ by Cryptonent - OG Lead Developer You are able to sign with your wallet for you to show up on DeMap. You may include your social media and Discord IDs if you'd like to.
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